Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Olivia's Top Picks for 2012

 My poor little blog.  Since I know there is no way I will ever get back to posting the details of 2012 here are the highlights.  (And then back to the business of blogging for heaven sakes!  Good grief Emily!)

My super speed reading future author
Spring Break trip to St George and Zion National Park
She is an awesome hiking machine!  Loved the Overlook hike, The Emerald Pools and the trail to the Narrows.
Gorgeous girl!  All grown up at Aaron and Kara's wedding.
Up With Kids performance of "Tangled".
Turning 9!  
Adventures in Girl Scouting!
Running track with friends at Herriman High School
The alpine slide in Jackson Hole
First trip down the Snake River with our friends the Fergusons
California Adventure!
Staying at the beach house in Carlsbad, CA with the Benson family
She can boogie board!
Levels 3 and 4 passed at Miss Debbie's swim school
Kids on Broadway production of "Mary Poppins"
A beautiful devil for Halloween
The annual "Spooky Lunch" with neighborhood friends
Pumpkin Pie!  (No other explanation needed.)
Merry Christmas!
And the obsession with all things Harry Potter continues.

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