Thursday, May 23, 2013


Noah Mark Benson
April 16, 2013
2:44 AM
7.14 lbs and 21 inches
Hehehe...  I seriously cannot look at him without giggling.  Is he not the most perfectly round, fuzzy, kissable newborn EVER?!  I can smell that amazing newborn scent just looking at him!  (Admit it - you're inhaling right now, aren't you?)
A few things we've discovered about our little guy over the last five weeks or so:

He wants to be the boss.  At midnight the night before his scheduled induction he decided he was sick of waiting and darn it all he was coming when he wanted to.  (Cameron may or may not have run a few red lights getting us to the hospital on time...)

He's competitive.  (As in determined to outweigh every other newborn on the block.)  
Day 3 weight check:  7.06 lbs
Day 7 weight check:  7.15 lbs
Day 14 weight check:  8.14 lbs
Day 28 weight check:  10.14 lbs
I'm not kidding!

He's a trooper.  By the end of his first week at home this poor kid had had his heel pricked and squeezed four different times, visited the pediatrician three times and the hospital lab once, slept on a photo therapy light bed for three nights, and had his belly button cauterized.  Shortly after that Caleb shared a lovely cough and croup virus that he brought home from preschool and we had a midnight trip to the ER for a high fever, three more trips to the pediatrician to get checked and deep suctioned and a 2 AM visit to the respiratory clinic.  Yikes!  (Noah - please tell me you plan on your next five weeks being less eventful than your first five?  Pretty please?)

He LOVES his mama!  Like, enough to gift me with the gift of sleep (so a LOT!)  I'm not sure why, and yes there have been a few exceptions, but since about night 3 he's only been waking up once at night, and oh oh OH am I grateful for that!

He's a Benson through and through.  I can't quite put into words why, but my little Noah was meant to be just that.  Mine!  He fits just right into our little family puzzle and completes it perfectly.  My heart does a little tumbling routine to see him ball up on Cameron's chest or snuggled up in between Olivia and Caleb (who are faithful Noah worshippers and amazing helpers by the way!)
Noah man - we LOVE you and are so glad you're here!


Kara and Chant said...

Those are adorable pictures. I am so sorry he was so sick. Miserable for you and him. He is seriously cute!

Shelly said...

He is so cute!

Katie said...

Love seeing him grow! I didn't realize it was so many trips to dr/hospitals, sorry; I too hope the next 5 weeks aren't as eventful.
So glad you caught that smile on the last pic, it's adorable!

The Higgins Family said...

He's perfect! Congratulations a million times over to your beautiful family! :D

Erica said...

He's so beautiful...congrats and good luck with your three darlings!

Wade, Jenny, and Girls said...

He is so so so adorable. One of these days we really do need to have some sort of midwestern reunion. Until then I'll have to see his cuteness via your blog and facebook. Congrats you guys!

Lynne said...

He is adorable and does fit so nicely into your family!