Sunday, October 6, 2013

Caleb's Top Picks For 2012

My Caleb Man grew up so much in 2012!  I feel like it was a very pivotal year in him changing from "my baby" into a grown up boy.  Here are his top picks!
LOVES "doing art."  This is his very imaginative and very detailed rendering of a fire truck.
Loved everything about our spring trip to Zion National Park.  (Especially the hanging out with dad part!)
First soccer team (aka - bunch ball) experience
Got to tag along for a karate class with Wyatt and LOVED every second of it
Hi Ya!
The spring bike wash up with dad (they spent all afternoon in the yard cleaning and tuning up their bikes.)
Best little buddies at our neighborhood s'more night
Graduated from our little neighborhood co-op preschool
Moved into a big boy bed!  (Check out his amazing vehicle quilt from Grandma Carol and Aunt April!)
It was a smooth transition :)
Swim lessons at Miss Debbie's swim school.  (There was no coddling here.  It was a "face straight into the water and no complaining" type class and he was a champ!
Lots and lots of great summer hikes
Mastered the art of the perfect marshmallow with Colby
Trip to Alpine, Wyoming and the Avery Cabin with our friends the Fergusons
Heading up to the alpine slide at the Snow King resort in Jackson Hole
Trip to Disneyland and California Adventure
Love that Mickey Mouse!
Miles of sand and a few dump trucks are all he needs for a perfect day!  (Seriously, this kid was in heaven at the beach house in Carlsbad, CA.)
Cheering daddy on at his bike race.
Who knew pumpkins had eyelashes?
Perry the Platypus complete with spy watch, fedora and jet pack
So excited about his birthday snow he couldn't even get dressed - just threw on the boots and jacket over the pjs.
Lights on Temple Square


Kara and Chant said...

He's grown up so much! What a difference a year makes! Love this post!

The Ingleby Family said...

Cute!!!! Love your cute little fam picture at Christmas!!!