Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Camping We Will Go!

We headed up Spanish Fork canyon last month to the Diamond Fork campground with our friends the Inglebys for a few days.  One little blog post (and the fact that I slacked on taking photos after day 1) will not do justice to how MUCH FUN we had, but I will sure try!
The first order of business after setting up camp was cooling down in the river - because man was it hot!
Andrea had the brilliant idea of having the kids all bring their bikes and they spent the afternoon riding their bikes around the campground, finding kindling for the fire and playing together while the grown ups relaxed!
After tin foil dinners and dutch oven peach cake Bruce took us Geo Caching (or on a "treasure hunt hike" as the kids called it.)  The kids (okay, okay - Cameron and I...) had a great time following the GPS and tracking down the cache.
And then it was back to camp for "Delicious Hot Shmose!"
At this point I tucked my camera into the tent to keep it safe, and...  never took it back out again.  So there are no pictures of all of the yummy meals we made, the Johnsons who joined us later that evening, the morning we spent swimming with the kids in the river, the gorgeous canyon drive, or the beautiful (but much longer than expected...) hike to the hot springs. 
I guess that means we will just have to do it again!


Kara and Chant said...

So much fun! I wanna go next year! Great pictures!

The Trippy Stevensons said...

We love camping and I am even worse than pictures at all! I didn't want to ruin the camera. But it looks like you do "real" camping. (that is what alex calls it) So fun! Is Lotoja on the agenda this year?