Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

Andrea and Olivia's birthdays are just six days apart and they love having a fun combined family party every year. This year it was a memorial day barbecue in my grandma's beautiful backyard. And in honor of the upcoming Disney trip (much more on that later) Ashley and Andrea made Disney theme cakes.
Aren't they awesome?!
I can't believe my sweet girl is SEVEN!
How cute is my wiggly-toothed, speedy-reading, happy-helping, soccer playing, school loving, artist/big sister extraordinaire?


Adam&Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Livvy! Gosh your sister looks so much like you!

Trevlyn said...

SO cute! I thought Andrea was you! Can't believe Livvy is 7! Are you planning her baptism dress yet?! :)

Shelly and Ken said...

Happy birthday Olivia! I love you toothless grin! Your birthday cake is SO cool!

the landreths said...

Cool cakes! She is so grown up, oh my goodness. What a talented little thing she is. We miss her!

Happy Birthday Livvy!