Monday, June 14, 2010

Disneyland - Here We Come!

We spent two days in Disneyland and boy was I glad! It was nice not to try and cram everything into one day and extra nice to leave the park for a few hours when the kids got hot and cranky in the afternoons. Both days we headed back to the hotel for a rest and a swim in the late afternoon before heading back to the park for the evening.
Olivia surprised me by being okay with all of the big, scary rides. The Haunted Mansion made her a little nervous at first, but she LOVED all of the big, fast rollercoasters and would often take off with Cameron or the older girls to ride them, leaving the little boys and the "baby rides" behind.
Caleb loved any ride where he got to be in a boat (Small World was his favorite.) Snow White's Adventures made him cry. Pirates and the Matterhorn he liked. But his very favorite thing of all was Mickey Mouses house in Toon Town and hugging Mickey at the end.

The kiddos. Caleb and Livvy both loved being able to hang out with Colby all day long.
And both days he wouldn't fall asleep back at the hotel, but conked out in his stroller at 6:00 PM when we were back at the park. (As you can see, our binky rules went out the window after the first day of skipping regularly schedule naptime...)Loved playing in Toon Town!!
Olivia was very wary of the characters. ("I do NOT hug strangers mom!") But Caleb got so excited to meet them and would run up and hug any of them he found.
Caleb and his Mickey.
Livvy and her panda bear baby.
The whole gang: Katie, Olivia, Julie (little sister's best bud), Andrea (little sister whose graduation we were celebrating), Mom, Me, Caleb, Cameron, Ashley, Adam and Colby.
Waiting for the fireworks.
Which of course never disappoint!
Sunday morning we woke up early, sang Happy Birthday to Olivia, had donuts and chocolate milk to celebrate and then zoomed off to the airport.
I mentioned to the flight attendent as we boarded that it was Livvy's birthday and it would be great if she would announce it over the intercom. But then she did one better and took both of my kids up to meet the captain and see the cockpit. After we took off she wished Olivia a happy birthday over the intercom and then brought her some "Princess Punch" to celebrate.
What do you think? Was she thrilled with the most awesome birthday weekend ever?


Susan said...

Most definitely a MEMORABLE birthday! There's nothin' better than Disneyland.. and of course getting to see the cockpit of the plane... awesome awesome!!

Trevlyn said...

OH, what fun!!! Glad it went well! What great pictures!

the landreths said...

Livvy is growing into such a beautiful little girl! My goodness! And Caleb looks just like Livvy did when we met you, except with short hair :).