Monday, June 14, 2010

The Beach

We flew into Long Beach around noon, had lunch, checked into the hotel and then spent the evening at the beach. BEAUTIFUL!!

Olivia fell in love with the sand and the waves. My mom got her started finding seashells and she had a great time playing in the waves with Cameron and running around in the sand.

Caleb on the other hand planted himself on a beach towel as far away from the waves as possible and spent the entire time digging with his shovel. He refused to walk on the sand, and was so not a fan of the "noisy water" and the stiff breeze, but as long as we left him on his towel he was happy.

What a cute little family I have!


Stacy said...

ah, so jealous!

Susan said...

What a great trip Emily! The beach looks lovely. :)

Adam&Rachel said...

looks like a great trip! Gosh olivia has gotten so tall!! She is like half of Cameron's height!

Maria said...

Beautiful wonderful! Family vacations are the best and I'm so glad you guys are creating such wonderful memories! Hooray family!

aubrey said...

What a wonderful family trip! Oh you have given me Disney Envy darn it! I love the 2010 mouse ears picture, so creative!