Friday, May 28, 2010

Grandparent's Day

The first grade at Olivia's school put on a program for their grandparents a few weeks ago. It was VERY cute - full of songs and poems about grandparents, the seasons, rainbows, weather, etc. I was assigned the artwork (they projected it onto the wall behind the kids on stage) and there were balloons on the walls and all of the kids were dressed up and oh so excited.
Olivia and a few of her little buddies before the program started. (Should it concern me at all that she was thrilled to be surrounded by the boys?)
Caleb was very good despite the fact that it was prime nap time.
My favorite songs were "The Rainbow Song" (which they did sign language to) and a cute new song I'd never heard before called "Four Hugs a Day - Minimum!"
Afterwards there were cookies and punch in their classrooms.
This is Livvy and my mom "Grandma Vickie" (my dad had to work)
and Livvy with Cameron's parents, "Grandpa Richie" and "Grandma Carol."

We sure have awesome grandmas and grandpas!!


Stacy said...

Looks like fun! and no I don't think it is a problem that she is surrounded by boys! We tease Chloe about a couple boys at school!

Holly Sanders said...

i always know how old Olivia is because she is 3 days older than Audrey. I remember when you had her and I how unfair that was that you deliverd your 1st before I delivered my second. How dare you? All kidding aside--it's hard to believe they are 7--cute little girls I must say.