Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Halloween Dilemna

Option #1: Too Cold!
(although the resemblance would have been uncanny...)
Option #2: Too Hot!

(and he was soooooo not a fan)

Option #3: Just Right!
We finally found a winner - I had to wrestle him out of it before bed the other night and the puppy has to sleep with him. What a handsome fire man!


Susan said...

Definitely a very handsome fireman! You should also dress him in Charlie Brown and just take a pic inside - 'cause I want to see it! And I bet it would be uncanny! :)

Nunes Family said...

You guys have been having lots of fun. Caleb is getting so big and I love the fireman outfit.

The Trippy Stevensons said...

what a funny post. It is AZ anymore....I think that is the best part about AZ is that you could ware anything for Halloween and you didn't have to put a winter coat on over it.