Friday, October 30, 2009

Trefoil Ranch

Once upon a time I was a Girl Scout and now it's Olivia's turn. She's joined a little Daisy troop headed up by a friend of mine in the ward whose two daughters are good friends of Livvy's. So far she LOVES it - they have two meetings and a fieldtrip every month - and Olivia thinks the whole process of earning badges and putting them on her vest quite fabulous.
Because I'm helping out with her troop (I am the official newsletter lady/secretary) we were invited to a mother-daughter leader retreat, along with her troop leader and her daughters, at Trefoil Ranch. (Only the greatest place on the planet I tell you!)
I spent time at the ranch every summer - hiking, riding horses, doing your basic summer camp stuff and making amazing friends. It's so gorgeous and so much fun and I am SO EXCITED that Olivia is getting to experience it (and take me along...)

They had a great time making and trading swaps, doing Halloween crafts, playing games, hiking the mountain and enjoying the scenery.

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Adam&Rachel said...

So cute! Hey I have been thinking about you lately because Kyler is always something else everyday multiple times a day.. a fox one minute, chick hicks another, a combine and the list goes on and on. If I can't keep up and call him Kyler then all hope is lost and he is ticked.... it's cute, but annoying! I think of you every time b/c I remember you telling me about Olivia's phase like this :) It's a phase right? :) miss you!