Friday, November 13, 2009

Better Three Weeks Late Than Never

I just have to blog about our Halloween weekend because it was so darn fun!
Caleb and I began our Halloween Eve morning by heading over to Olivia's school parade. The school she was at last year banned costumes ("for safety reasons") and so this was our first school parade and it was quite fun. Caleb loved recognizing the kids he knows in our ward and neighborhood, and of course his "Lilla," but the big kids in their spooky and gory gear completely freaked him out.
Here's my cute little Rainbow Fairy Olivia. I especially love the combination of chiffon skirt and black leather boots...
That night was our family Halloween Party. My mom put together a fun dinner and party for the kids, hosted by my Grandma Rollins, and the kids had a ball. Because the swine flu was making the rounds among some of my siblings it ended up just being mom, grandma, myself, Caleb, Olivia and her little friend Nic.
Spooky Dinner - sloppy joes, mummy dogs, veggies and chips.

Halloween Bingo, a matching game and a special ghosty treasure hunt around the house and yard that my mom created, complete with prizes of course.

Pumpkin carving! My mom cleaned them out earlier so the kids didn't have to deal with any goop and had a great time drawing and carving the faces. Can you see the eyelashes on Livvy's pumpkin? She also made a fancy paper crown for it to wear on Halloween night.
Caleb was especially proud of the pumpkin he "helped" my mom make and now whenever he sees a pumpkin he yells "Ga Ga!" (grandma) "Nunkin!" (pumpkin) "Make!"

Halloween night was great as well. We trick or treated up to Grandma Carol and Grandpa Richie's house and then headed back to our own neighborhood, which we've never done before.
Our neighborhood is great!!!!
There were so many kids out and a lot of families had made a huge deal out of setting up camp in their driveways. We trick or treated for an hour and then headed home just as Cameron arrived home from work, cooked up a Jack O Lantern pizza and watched a Diego Halloween movie before bed.
Extra Bonus: the day light savings switch gave us an extra hour of family fun time without the kids losing any sleep. A fact which I greatly appreciated when 9 AM church rolled around the next morning.


Wade, Jenny, and Girls said...

I love the eyelashes! ha ha ha ha. Gotta love these little girly girls!

Trevlyn said...

Very cute! Livvy looks 15...and your Mom is a trooper to clean out those pumpkins! What a labor of LOVE!

Trevlyn said...

BTW, thanks for posting! I was looking at my list today thinking I haven't seen a recent post from my wonderful, crafty, sweet Emily lately! :) Really!

the landreths said...

Whoa--Livvy looks so grown up in that first picture! What a fun Halloween. I ran across a picture of Caden, Kailyn, and Livvy at a Midwestern Trick or Treating campus party from years ago. So fun! Miss you!