Thursday, March 5, 2009

Missing Teeth Part 2

Well, tooth number 2 is gone. Apparently ingested. Again.
She came in the door from school chewing on a laffy taffy from a classmates birthday treat, and...
Here is the note that she left for the T.F.
The tooth fairy was generous and left her a dollar per tooth.

P.s. thank you for your advice about my camera. I've found a temporary fix (thanks Trevlyn!) and hopefully will be able to get the rest worked out soon.


Trevlyn said...

Oh, she looks more balanced with them both gone...or maybe I'm just used to that look because Tessa's had it for a year now!

What a darling not to the TF and I'm glad the tip helped on the camera. Still crummy though, huh!?!

the landreths said...

Livvy? is that you? Holy cow! She looks way too grown up. We ran across some pictures of her nad Caden and Luke on our screen saver and Caden still smiles and says her name when he sees her :).

Thanks for the tip on the big cardboard box. I could see that keeping Caden entertained for days!

As for his birthday party (i keep meaning to post about it but OUR digital camera is also lame and completely died on us) we did a star wars movie night and set our living room up like a movie theater, we borrowed a projector and had a concession stand. The invites were big movie tickets and the goodie bags were micro popcorn, m&ms, licorice, and a little trinkety movie toy. He thought it was great.

The Higgins Family said...

What a fun momma you are!
I swallowed my first 2 lost teeth, too. I was devasted, but wrote notes to the TF (how funny, THAT brought back memories!) and she was merciful and all's well that end's well.
Livvy has an adorable jack-o-latern smile! I love the tooth pillow idea... ;)