Thursday, March 12, 2009

Surviving Week One

Olivia went off track last Friday and I am pleased to announce that we have had minimal boredom around here. Project number 1 was an Easter Tree - thank you Tai Pan Trading! After putting it together Livvy wanted to just go ahead and put up all of our Easter decorations. So we did... and it only took five minutes. That's how many spring and Easter decorations I have - five minutes worth. So for the next few weeks while she's off track we are going to build up our inventory. Look for giant paper mache eggs next week. (I am mentally preparing myself for the mess.)

Dance class
Trips to the library

Outside time (we're pretending that it's spring around here)
Friends and cousins
and a fabulous field trip with our buddies the Owens have kept us busy this week.
We spent the afternoon at Discovery Gateway in downtown Salt Lake. (LOVE that place!) It's been awhile since we've been so it was basically Caleb's first time to run around and enjoy it.
And oh did he enjoy it! I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to pry him away from the giant ball area or the water table.
Ben and Jerry's topped off the day. Thanks friends for so much fun!!


Susan said...

I remember loving being on a track system when I was in elementary school - it was so fun to have these huge 3 week breaks! But then it was so hard to start school again - it was like the first day all over again. I never really thought about what my parents thoughts about us having to take big breaks off of school... we probably drove them crazy!

aubrey said...

What fun! You are so creative! Did your easter tree come in a kit or did you make the whole thing youself?

BensonFam said...

Oh we just slapped it together - ingredients a la Tai Pan Trading. Ever been? It's fabulous!
Tin pitcher - $2.99
package of painted eggs - $3.41
piece of green foam - $1.00
branches? I'm not telling - it's preposterous how much fake foliage costs.

Trevlyn said...

Wonderful Easter tree! You're so very crafty and have such fun adventures with your kidlets!