Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am just about ready to chuck my freaking camera into the garbage. It's brand new from Christmas - nothing fancy, but supposedly a good quality little point and shoot. But over the last month or so I have noticed that when I transfer, not all of my pictures transfer over. And now it's not just one or two out of each batch, but a LOT of them! I have fabulously cute and wonderful pictures of my kiddos and Cameron and quilts and crafts that I love TRAPPED IN MY CAMERA and they will not transfer! Any advice? I e-mailed kodak and they sent me this long winded, completely high tech list of things to attempt. Has anyone ever dealt with anything like this and could you please explain it to me in human? Could it be the software that came with the camera? Could it be my computer?


erin said...

Love how you're already counting down to nursery.

Anyway, have you tried bypassing the software altogether and just going directly to the source? When you plug in your computer, go to My Computer and look for the drive--it's usually a removable disk. Open it and the files should pull up, just like on a regular drive. If they all show up, it's probably your software. If they don't, your camera probably isn't taking the pictures that you think you're taking.

Liora said...

I am so sorry! That would be VERY frustrating! I do what Erin commented - I just do it right through my computer without and software - good luck!

Trevlyn said...

YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE!!! Is it one of the Kodak 10.3 Easy Share? I have the EXACT problem and it's driving me nuts! I've gotten mine to upload with the software by "tagging" each and every one. PAIN.

If I can't find my receipt, I'm going to do what Erin suggested and bypass teh software altogether.