Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Deck the Halls

We decorated our tree for family night on Monday. Here are my two little "helpers" examining the ornaments. Olivia was very excited to show Caleb what this whole Christmas thing is all about. I was worried at first about what he might do to the tree, but we piled all of the unbreakable ornaments around him, gave him a vanilla wafer (ah, bribery...) and he was a very happy camper while we got it all set up. Of course my breakables are out of reach, and he loves to pull the jingle bells off of the bottom branches and shake them, but so far so good in that he hasn't pulled the whole dang thing over. We'll see how it goes.

In other Christmas news... I finished my stockings! They've been done for awhile, but I thought I'd better post a few pictures, so here they are. My visiting teacher down the street has one of those fancy embroidery sewing machines and she did the names for me.

I'm just so excited about how they turned out!
And here are my old metal stars from Tai Pan with a Christmas makeover! I'm just having the best time doing crafts with Livvy and enjoying all of the fun, relaxing holiday stuff, rather than stressing out about the gift part. I went to an amazing concert in the Tabernacle on Saturday night, this Friday is our "Festival of Trees" night, we're getting a few family activities planned, I'm working on a few sewing projects and other than that... we are low key this year and loving it!


Trevlyn said...

The star on Caleb's head is too cute! Your stockings rock! I'm so impressed! Gorgeous tree and family!

aubrey said...

Your stockings are so adorable!

Julie said...

What a pretty tree! And huge! I always love decorating the tree! Part of me wanted to put a tree up this year but then the other part of me realized it'd only be for a week, if that. Hey, maybe we can come see yours!

Anonymous said...

Why did you stack pillows behind the stockings? Haha. In front of the tv??? You silly Emy face.

Anonymous said...

This is Andy by the way. I don't want a blog but i like to post on yours. Love ya.