Friday, November 28, 2008

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving from Olivia!
This is her Thanksgiving turkey eating seeds, drinking three bowls of water and laying an egg. I know it looks like something else, but she insists that it is an egg.
Hope everyone had a great turkey day!
On a very happy sidenote... as of this morning I am DONE with Christmas shopping! Stocking stuffers and everything! I finished up this morning at 6:00 AM with a trip to Target. As I stood in line with several hundred people waiting for the doors to open and listening to the ladies behind me plan their method of attack I came to the conclusion that Black Friday Shopping Day is to women, what the deer hunt is to men. It requires strategy and adrenaline and you're never guaranteed to get what you're hunting for. (I did though!) :)


aubrey said...

boom daa boom (scary music) I can't believe how brave you are! Black Friday frightens me back to bed! I was tempted this year though...very tempted.

Stacy said...

Oh you are both silly! Livvy for her "pooping" turkey and you for being done with shopping!! AHHHHH I haven't even started. Where is the motivation this year. . . nope, still not getting any.

Julie said...

Did you do all of your shopping on black Friday? If so, I'm impressed, if not, I'm still impressed.