Monday, November 24, 2008

Now That's More Like It!

I'm so proud! Sunday's cake at my parent's house was a hit!
In honor of my baby turning one (I'm still in denial...), here are a few facts about the Caleb man.
* On Friday he weighed in at 23.15 and measured 30.5 inches long. (75th percentile height and weight and 95th percentile head.)
* He LOVES to laugh - just about anything can get him going.
* He has turned into a fabulous sleeper (and hey - it only took him ten months to figure it out!)
* He can say "mama," "ball," "bye-bye," "uh-oh," and I swear yesterday he was trying to say "cracker."
* He has turned into a total boy - his favorite thing is wrestling on the floor with Cameron, he will body slam his unsuspecting sister when she's lying on the floor and he makes little engine noises while pushing his cars and trucks around.
* He is busy, busy, BUSY all the time and I couldn't ask for a sweeter son.

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Susan said...

I'm so glad to see he messily devoured his cake (the second time around) - Happy B-day!