Thursday, May 1, 2008


Okay, here it goes. My friend Diane tagged me to empty my bag, take a picture and list its contents. I was a little worried at first (it's been awhile since I've cleaned it out...) but it ended up not being too bad (at least by comparison to what it's been in the past.)

In my bag I found: Caleb's medicine bag (containing diaper cream, mylacon, vaseline, saline drops and a bulb syringe), a spare binky, two chapsticks, three pens, five hair barettes, Caleb's extra outfit and socks, a pediatrician appointment reminder card (glad I found that!), Caleb's immunization card, my makeup compact (yes - occasionally I do wear makeup, though not often enough), a changing pad, diapers, wipes, my wallet, my sunglass case, about three dollars in spare change (kaching!), my keys, a hat for Caleb, a burp cloth (I'm embarassed to report that it was slightly soggy - gross!), a few receipts, Scentsy and Uppercase Living catalogs and cards, purple plastic tweezers from an egg dying kit at Easter, a pretend sippy that goes to one of Livvy's dolls, a broken Ariel crayon and a plastic keychain that Livvy won at the Learning Store last weekend. Who knew my little bag could hold so much? And now I tag... Kelly Howe, Stacy Burtenshaw, Trevlyn Nally and Melissa Stevenson.


Susan said...

That's a fun game! I'm sure I would find a lot more trash in my bag - like old wrappers and stuff - eek!

Holly Sanders said...

no offense, but I guess it's time to clean your purse out. Believe me, mine probably looks about the same without all the little baby stuff.

aubrey said...

This is such a cute and funny tag, I love it!

WOW! You should really clean out your bag more often!!! A soggy burp cloth? HEE HEE HEE! I think the worst thing so far I have found buried in my purse was week and half old shrimp, good thing is was battered or it REALLY would have been stinky!

Way fun post!

Diane Owen said...

Love it! Sorry i'm a little behind commenting...great job following up on your tag though!