Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An Almost Perfect Day!

Just have to document our great day yesterday so there's proof that it actually happened. After a fabulous nights sleep (by Caleb's standards at least - only waking up twice) Caleb and I got up at 7:15 yesterday morning and had a wonderful whirlwind of a morning. I honestly got more cleaning done in the hour and a half before Livvy woke up, than I usually get done all day long. LOVE THAT! Caleb was sweet and happy and we had some great mommy/son time. Then Olivia woke up and the greatness continued! HALLELUJIAH! At noon my Mom came to watch Caleb while Livvy and I headed out for our dentist appointments (her first ever and I was so worried about how she'd handle it.) The bad news here is that the receptionist accidentally scheduled us for the wrong day so we didn't actually make it to the dentist. The good news is that I took Livvy back to my mom and then got to go to Office Max all by myself! It was bliss! Lunch, quiet time, an afternoon spent working on FHE packets for VT sisters and ourselves, and then a long afternoon playing in the sunshine together. It was our first really great weather day in a long time and boy did we take advantage of it - we packed up the stroller with snacks and our sidewalk chalk and went to the park, then layed on the front grass on a blanket and enjoyed our blooming tulips. When Cameron got home we had a quick dinner (I took a break from cooking and fixed a freezer meal), and then Livvy was a super duper helper playing with Caleb and helping me pick up while Cameron did his bike ride. That evening we had FHE (an actual planned ahead of time FHE with pictures and everything - yay Emily!) and then the kids were awesome, both settling down right on time for bed. Boy was I in need of a day like that!


Susan said...

That's awesome Emily!! I feel like days like that are so few and far between for me - but I guess that makes them all the more wonderful! And I'm way impressed with your prep for FHE - I've been way bad at that lately!

Stacy said...

Sometimes you just really need those days to reaffirm yourself that you are a good mom, you can be productive, and you can play with your kids. . . where are my days like that?! :)

SpringerClan said...

Emily, You are such a patient mom. I totally have those days too, but yours is x2 so you win. I would love to see you if you make it down here. We will absolutely make time for a visit next time we are up in Utah...I don't know when that will be, but I will touch base with you. by the way..you have the most adorable children! miss you guys!