Friday, May 2, 2008

April Pictures

I feel like I havn't posted pictures for awhile, so here is what we've been up to in April. It has been a crazy weather month - beautiful sun and seventy degrees one day, wind and dust the next, then some snow... and the cycle starts again. The other day Diane and I took our kids to the park (on a day that was supposed to be 80 degrees) and just about got blown away. The poor babies were more than a little upset, so we didn't last long, but here's my cute kiddos in the wind. (And yes - the Mini ears have been a daily accessory for about the last week.)

Olivia's teacher Miss Valerie sent the kids home with decorated pots and all of the ingredients to grow Marigolds. Livvy was excited to get hers going and treated them with extra special TLC every day by moving them into the sunlight, sprinkling them with water and (quite literally) watching them grow. And yes - that is our still unfinished backyard you can see...
What a little stud! I can't believe how big he's grown!
Olivia and her preschool teacher Miss Valerie (whom we love, but are a little confused by.) She randomly ended the preschool year six weeks early on April 23rd! No explanation. So now instead of trying to entertain my child for two and a half months before kindergarten starts, we get to come up with four months of entertainment around here. Suggestions welcome everyone!
They have been LOVING to read together lately. Caleb will just snuggle right in and listen to her "read" books to him. It is quite cute and quite nice for me to have them so well entertained while I get a few things done!
Mix and Match pajamas. She's gotten creative lately with her bedtime attire. Sometimes the mini ears and her moose slippers join in as well.
And that's our April. Nothing huge. Just life. And kids. And the craziness that comes along with those things. :)


Bown Fam said...

So um... maybe one day I will make it out to see you. That is my suggestion. But don't actually say that I'm coming or else something else bad might happen.

Diane Owen said...

Gotta love the creativity of kids sometimes. We'll just have to have plenty of play dates this summer!

annieandken said...

Sounds like a fun month! So, if you're anything like me, you've probably already tried a few of these things, but some of the big hits with Joseph are painting (finger painting, watercolors, etc.), gluing beans or macaroni to a paper in some sort of word/number/shape/letter, collecting leaves/flowers/pinecones/ect. and gluing them to a sheet of paper, and playing walk across the river using paper/books as rocks and two brooms as the shores of the river. Olivia is much older and more mature, though, so I'm not really sure if things that entertain a 3 year old would entertain her too. Good luck! You've got some cute kids! I love that Olivia reads stories with Caleb!