Monday, January 18, 2010

Funny Kids

During Caleb's morning diaper change, as I wiped him down with a wet wipe, he started yelling "owwwwwww!" at me.
"Caleb that doesn't hurt, is it just a little cold?" I asked.
"No mommy, BIG COLD!" he replied.
At which point Olivia jumped in with
"That's MADNESS Caleb - you just don't want to have your diaper changed."
I have such funny kids....
Sidenote: Today we are spending the day at the Living Planet Aquarium and selling Girl Scout Cookies (speaking of which, if you live in the area and want some we would be HAPPY to sell them to you!) :)

1 comment:

aubrey said...

That is funny! "madness"!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to buy some girl scout cookies! Where abouts do you live?