Thursday, June 4, 2009


Oh how I have missed my little blog!
Now that I can see a little beyond the big messy blur that is my primary initiation, and I have survived the enrichment lesson, and carpet is being installed (as we speak!) in the basement, and the car is fixed, and the AC is fixed, and the side yard landscaping is done, and water is no longer pouring into the window well... I thought I would take a minute to blog our month of May before diving into the weekend which includes three birthday celebrations (one of them an ever growing backyard carnival for Olivia hosted by yours truly), one baby blessing and hopping a plane to St. Louis, Missouri.

On Memorial Day we headed up to the Heber Valley Railroad where Thomas the Train was waiting to take us all on a ride. The kids LOVED it! Afterwards there were a whole bunch of booths with train tables to play at, animal balloons, music and a few other things. Caleb even ended up with a rub on Thomas tattoo on his little forearm. We had lunch in Heber and then headed home for naps.

This is the kids' favorite new past time. Squirt bottles in the backyard. I picked them up for $1 each in the health and beauty aisle at Walmart and they love to run around squirting the plants, the dog, the playhouse, the cement... each other. Every so often Caleb will toddle into the kitchen shouting "quirt! quirt!" (meaning he needs a refill) and off they'll go again to entertain themselves. It is quite fabulous!!
And here are a few pictures of our escape to the mountains a few weeks ago.
Amidst all of the madness Cameron decided we needed a little retreat.
So we packed up the kids, packed up the cooler, picked up my brother and sister, and enjoyed an evening up Big Cottonwood Canyon.
The river was roaring, the greens were GREEN and the tin foil dinners were slightly blackened.
Mix it all in with a few s'mores (okay... a LOT of s'mores...) and some dirt, and it all made for one fabulous evening away from it all.


Trevlyn said...

Great post! Squirt bottles are SO SMART! You don't have to refill as often! I just love your pictures! Cute!

Stacy said...

Looks like you guys have been busy! I am glad that you took some time to play while you were in there. I am excited to see the remodel downstairs!

The Trippy Stevensons said...

(late comment) You will be a MARVELOUS Primary President. Are you kidding that is right down your alley. Looks like you have been having fun and getting a lot done. What a blessing to have lots of possitive things to do.

Maria said...

Welcome back :)! Have fun with those squirt bottles!!! :) Yay summer!

Wade, Jenny, and Girls said...

Let's definitely plan a get together. Would love to see you guys.