Thursday, June 25, 2009

We kicked off our crazy month of June by celebrating Olivia's sixth birthday with what was supposed to be a BACKYARD carnival. Too bad the weather didn't get the memo about the backyard part. An hour before the party I gave up on the rain letting up and moved everything down to our brand spanking newly finished basement and said a little prayer (okay - a BIG prayer!) that my beautiful walls would stay perfect and no ketchup or face paint would wind up smeared into the carpet.
Our guest list magically mushroomed the week leading up to the party and I lost count of how many invitations were given somewhere around kid #15. And I never did count at the party because they wouldn't hold still! Let's just say we had a crowd! We began with face painting (done by my fabulously talented little sis Andy), moved onto the carnival games (a ring toss, a duck pond, pin the nose on the clown and mini golf) and then finished up with hotdogs, presents and cake. Ninety minutes later the neighborhood had left and I released a giant sigh of relief that underneath the streamers and wrapping paper was no permanent damage.

This is Olivia's welcome sign that she made (I love the clowns walking on top of the circus tent and the girl balancing on top of the elephant.)

Caleb's evil villain mustache. (His favorite part of the day was beating our unbreakable pinata with the rolling pin and then a golf club.)
This is most of the group. Thank heavens for all of my helpers (Andy the face painter, my dad the hot dog griller and my mom, cousin Hunter and friend Diane for running games and helping with crowd control!)


Susan said...

Awesome work Emily! Don't you feel like such a fun mom to have successfully pulled off a fun party for your little girl? Looks like you did some great planning and the kids sure look happy!

Trevlyn said...

Super fun!