Friday, February 6, 2009

Good Morning

This is The Caleb Man
who sleeps 13 hours, greets me with a smile and devours more breakfast than most adults (seriously folks - yogurt, banana, nutri-grain bar and milk - at the least)
And whose preferred method of transportation is still the "sit/scoot" - ridiculous!
(Favorite morning activities include chasing the dog and making messes)
This is Miss Olivia
who, after breakfast, loads up the laundry (and The Caleb) and delvers them to their destinations - all with a smile of course
(while Lazy Daisy observes from her perch)
This is Miss Olivia who then does the following:
makes her bed
dresses her cute little bod in something fashionable
shines those pearly whites
dives into her homework packet
(and enjoys it - whose child is she anyway?)
This is Miss Olivia having mommy time while the little brother sleeps
Today's agenda? A fabulous Valentines wreath (thanks Trevlyn for the inspiration!)


Trevlyn said...

That is all so adorable! I can't believe how tall Olivia is! Your wreath is adorable! Cute, Cute, Cute!

Nunes Family said...

What a fun day!! I love how your wreath turned out. Caleb is getting so big and sleeping for 13hrs way to go. Miss you guys.

Adam&Rachel said...

That is so sweet how responsible she is! Must have something to do with you!!! I love that wreath. too cute. and yes when we come again to UT i will get in touch k?