Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday: Work and Play

I spent every kid free moment yesterday working on these babies for my living room couch. (Is that trim not fabulous? - I think I'm in love.)

And now today will be spent catching up on these (Yuck!)

At least there are a few smiling faces to brighten up my day of closets and laundry. Olivia and her friend Nick and I spent the morning making salt dough and now they are very happy, very busy little bees.


Holly Sanders said...

love the pillows! I didn't know you sewed. And quilt too! I'm impressed!

Susan said...

LOVE that fabric! And the trim is definitely cute too - good work!

Unknown said...

Emily those pillows are ADORABLE! Awesome job babe.

Wade, Jenny, and Girls said...

Pillows are darling. I am always impressed with the craftiness of you girls. I wish I was a little more that way! :)

aubrey said...

That fabric is so sweet! I love home projects!

Salt dough totally brings me back!