Saturday, June 25, 2011

Where We've Been

Busy with all things BIRTHDAY!  (Our celebrations deserve their very own post.  Definitely next on my to-do list!)
Sprinkler park playgroups, art-in-the-park playgroups, fire station playgroups and Wheeler Farm playgroups
A girl scout cook out (troop camp here we come!)
Frontrunner, Ogden dinosaur park, Hill Aerospace Museum and Treehouse Museum with our visiting cousins.  (Boy did that week wear us out!!)

Celebrating Father's Day with the BEST dad ever!
Livvy started the "Harry Potter" series (and apparently there's no turning back!)
Potty Training.
(I have no words to adequately describe what an ordeal this has been.)
Just three weeks into summer and we are TIRED!


Nunes Family said...

Girl you have been one busy lady. Happy birthday to Olivia!! We just started to potty train Carter and he is donig well with the whole peeing but pooping is a whole diff. story! Hope it gets better for you.

Kara and Chant said...

You have been busy! All fun things! I cannot wait for playgroup this week. We will be there! You are amazing!

Katie said...

Such fun summer plans. Good luck with the potty.