Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fun Was Had By All!

On Monday, June 6th my baby girl turned eight years old PLUS it was the official start of summer.  We did it up right with swim lessons, a pizza party, the most amazing "Tangled" cake we've ever seen, lots of family time, her favorite foods, and later in the week the Luau party to end all Luau parties.
Livvy loves sharing a party with her aunt Andrea ever year
SO excited about her pillow pet and art supplies
Great grandma always brings "consolation prizes" for the non-birthday children - this year they got ring pops!
Grandpa Mark
Great Grandma Rollins
Another work of art by Aunt Ashley - is this not the best Tangled cake EVER?
The Birthday Girls!
And...  consolation candles!
Lunch at her favorite restaurant with Grandma Carol
Seashell macaroni and bread sticks!
After two days of non stop birthday fun we buckled down and got ready for the Luau Party.  Of COURSE the weather was gorgeous every other day that week and then the morning of our fabulous outdoor luau the storms began rolling in.  I fretted about it all morning long and finally we gave in and just decorated the basement.  
She worked so hard making posters and signs for all of the different games and stations.
The kids strung their own leis with beads and foam flowers
Played Limbo
Played Freeze Dance to the "put the lime in the coconut" song
which then turned into a conga line...
Played Pin the Nose on the Tiki Mask
A hula contest
And presents!
We topped it all off with cupcakes and a stop at Olivia's "Tiki Hut" smoothie shop.  This was her pride and joy and thing she was most excited about at her party.  We made pineapple smoothies and she served them in coconut cups with little umbrellas to all of her friends.
Luau party success!  The kids were all super fun and sweet and had a great time. My mom, sister and Cameron were amazing helpers with the food and games. We sent the kids all home with their leis and hula hoops and then collapsed in a heap from birthday party overload.


Susan said...

what a wonderful party!! this gets me in the mood to go get some hula hoops for my kids! :) happy birthday olivia! wow... eight!!

Kara and Chant said...

OK Em, when I need a party planner I know who to call. You are amazing! And that Tangled cake was fabulous! Who made that? Glad you guys had a great week of partying!

Katie said...

What a big party, but 8 is important. It looks like the kids had a ton of fun.

Lisa Robbins said...

That cake was awesome. I bet Livvy just loved it. It looks like the party was a success. You are so fun and creative!

Lisa Robbins said...

Sorry I just realized I called her Livvy. My new nieces name is Olivia and a lot of us call her Livvy.

Stacey said...

What an awesome cake. What an amazing party.