Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spring is Here! (Kind of....)

 Spring has definitely been a little tricky to locate around here.  But we've managed to have a little outdoor fun despite the weather (and even because of it in a few instances!)  
It's looking like these two have inherited their father's love of storms and all things weather-related!

Last week we finished a long over due project.  A few years ago when we finished the backyard we thought about doing a sandbox but then decided against it.  (Piles of sand throughout the house...  a gathering place for the neighborhood cats...  It just didn't sound appealing.)  Turns out I have resourceful kids and without a sandbox to dig in they turned any and all flowerbeds/garden patches/planting boxes into their own personal digging ground.  After two years of this we decided to just give into the digging and attempt to contain it.  Thus, the gravel pit was born!  A friend offered us the genius suggestion of using pea gravel instead of sand and so we emptied out one of my planter boxes, filled it with gravel and VOILA!  Caleb's own personal construction site!

A few weeks ago my dad had back surgery (right in the middle of a big backyard project he had started) and so last week we took the kids over and had a family work night at grandpa's house.
While my mom, Cameron and I dismantled the old fence, Andrea was put on kid watching duty.
(I love this picture of she and Livvy goofing around...) Follow it up with dinner and dessert and we had a great evening together!


Katie said...

Such a good idea on the gravel. Fun photos.

Kara and Chant said...

So glad Caleb is liking the gravel pit! Love that pic of Olivia and your sister? So cute!