Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Tree Time!

Our tree is a beast to store and haul up the stairs. It is also a pain in the rear to assemble and get all of the right cords plugged into the right places so that all of the strands will light up. This year it took extra long to get going, so by the time it was lit, fluffed and ready for decorations the kids patience had about run dry and it was an hour past their bedtime.
And let's not forget the amazing Jazz/Lakers game that happened to be on as well.
So this year did not quite fit the bill in terms of the happy, peaceful, relaxing family time it usually is. Screaming at the Jazz (Cameron) a few fights over ornaments (the kids) and just your basic late night grumpiness (me) accompanied the decorating of the tree.

But when all is said and done we sure LOVE our tree!

And I got my dose of peace and quiet last night when we had my most favorite Family Home Evening lesson of the whole year (coming soon!)

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Trevlyn said...

Stunning! And I'm excited for the bit on your favorite FHE lesson! :) Do share soon, please!