Friday, November 26, 2010

My Caleb

My little Caleb loves (L-O-V-E-S!) John Deere farm equipment and any sort of construction vehicle (and apparently there isn't a soul among our family and friends who doesn't know it, judging from his birthday loot.)
He is tall and thin like Dad.
He would spend every waking minute out in the dirt if possible, but by contrast is also a huge fan of baths.
He is sweet as pie at preschool and in nursery, but plenty spicy at home! (Poor Olivia is his usual punching bag, which escalates to a time out, which escalates to a tantrum and then a heartfelt hug and apology... only to begin the cycle again.)
He is fiercely and stubbornly addicted to his binky (I know, I know - we're working on it!) and his Blue (you know, the bear/blanket thing that has been loved to pieces?)
He is fiercely and stubbornly opposed to any and all methods of potty training.
He is fun-ny! Hilarious! Cameron and I almost always have something to laugh about at night after we've put him down to bed.
For the moment (I count my lucky stars every single day that this continues) he is still napping two hours a day and sleeping eleven hours every night.
He is Cameron's little shadow. I am not allowed to pour his cereal, brush his teeth or tie his shoes if daddy is home to do it instead.
He thinks he's in charge. Of everything.
He is a jumping, rolling, tackling, spilling, digging, smiling, snuggling ball of all boy.
And the dimples (the DIMPLES!) are still awesome and melt us all.
Happy Birthday Caleb Peter - WE LOVE YOU!!


Dav said...

What a cutie!

Stacy said...

I can't believe he is three! Do we need to take a trip to the Disney Store to take his binky in?! Do you remember how easy it was with Olivia? How she only cried for like 2 days?!!! Just a reminder that you can do it!