Thursday, December 30, 2010

How To Decorate Santa's Favorite Cookies

Step 1: get out Grandma Rollins' cookie cutters (these things are amazing - super detailed and extra large!)
Step 2: yummy cookie dough, lots of flour and someone nice enough to help you roll it out.
Step 3: Get to work!
(Shirts are optional if you're under two and really messy...)
Step 4: egg whites + food coloring + paint brushes.
Step 5: paint your cut out cookie dough.
(add a few sprinkles if you're feeling extra adventurous!)
Step 6: bake, cool and add frosting and candy to any unpainted areas (or all areas if you're Caleb.)


Stacy said...

Yummers! What fun cookies!

Trevlyn said...

Super festive and fun! Happy New Year, sweet friend!