Thursday, December 30, 2010

Candy Houses

Candy Houses at Grandma Vickie's are definitely on our Top Ten list of favorite December traditions. This year was nice for me because except for a little guidance with Caleb's house, they pretty much did their own thing and I just got to take pictures and enjoy the process.
Oh the anticipation - they were very patient waiting for everyone to arrive (and only sneaked a few pieces of candy beforehand and licked a little of the icing out of the graham cracker seams...)

They especially loved the marshmallow peeps my mom found in the shape of snowmen and Christmas trees. Adam and Ashley always contribute "Ginger Boys" from the bakery and this year they brought the super sticky, high-quality decorator's icing in the long baggies too, so none of our candy slid off the roof and everything stood up nice and straight.
Oh so proud of the finished product! (Can you tell he's partial to pretzels?)
Welcome to the The Neighborhood!!


Stacy said...

Cute houses! The kids did a fantastic job!

Katie said...

They look great, better pretzels then candy huh?

Anonymous said...

You seriously never post pictures of me when I'm involved in these adventures :(- Andy