Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Music Anyone?

This is for the locals. I'm starting up my music classes again this fall. Last year I taught with the Musikgarten program, but it is expensive to maintain a license with them, and I found myself coming up with a lot of my own stuff to supplement a curriculum I wasn't super crazy about.
So... this year it's all my own and I am so excited! If you know anyone in the Riverton/surrounding areas who would be interested in this, please pass it along.
And wish me luck!


Susan said...

Oh man! I wish I lived near you 'cause I would totally sign up Becca for this. She would LOVE it! and I bet you such a great job! Good luck!

Phillip and Mary said...

That is awesome! I wish I lived in Utah! good Luck!

Amber said...

We are so excited for classes to begin!!!

Adam&Rachel said...

uh! I wish we could sooo bad! I need to get up there and see you though :)