Monday, August 2, 2010

Crazy (NOT Lazy!) Days of Summer

I need to sit down and catch my breath after last week. Somehow in between Tuesday and Saturday we ended up starting swimming lessons, going to a library magic show, baking turtle bread and having a play day at grandma's, seeing "Despicable Me" (fabulous by the way!), playing at Wheeler Farm, having another swim lesson, going to Moon Rock, spending a day at the Dinosaur Museum, attending a primary baptism, and having a dinner/game night with my parents and siblings. (After working a nine day, 100 hour stretch Cameron had five days off in a row so we packed in the fun.) My house is officially a disaster zone, I haven't exercised in a week and we are all pooped!

I planned on taking it easy this next week and getting back into our daily routine, but I just looked at my calendar and am now realizing that our relaxing and routine-ing (is that a word?) will have to be squished in between Lagoon Day, a swimming day at grandma's, more swimming lessons, a family reunion, an early morning hot air balloon launch and a neighborhood barbecue.
I can't wait for school to start......

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The Trippy Stevensons said...

WOW!!! It sounds exciting we want to come and play with you!