Thursday, June 24, 2010

Beating the Heat

It's almost July and Olivia is STILL in school. Say what you will about the benefits of the track system, but I'd give it all up for the long, lazy summer break of traditional schooling. (And I get to - next year Olivia's elementary is going to a traditional schedule. HOORAY!)
Anyway - we are squeezing in the fun between the hours of 4:00 PM and bedtime until next Friday when she is officially done.
Last night I carted her and a few of her friends up to the sprinkler park.
Caleb was unimpressed, but the girls had a blast.

Incidentally, it's only me complaining about Livvy still being in school. She has been having a blast working on an ocean unit and having Beach Day and Bubble Day. Tomorrow they are having Pirate Day and going on a treasure hunt. And next week is Board Game Day, Field Day, Disney Day and a Rootbeer Party.
Hopefully all of these fun-packed days won't spoil her into needing non-stop entertainment through our summer break.
Because my grand plans include a few hikes, some swim lessons, maybe a little library and sprinkler park fun and a few picnics.

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