Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Soccer

This year we signed Livvy up to play soccer with her friend Emma. I was a little (a lot!) nervous about how this would go over because A) the thought of wrestling her into shin guards and cleats twice a week (and the meltdown that would follow) did not fill me with joy and B) Olivia can be super self-conscious when people will be "watching her."
Luckily for us, Emma's dad is their coach and he is
with those kiddos! Livvy is learning the basics to the game (which in turn helps her feel less self-conscious when she's playing) and having a ton of fun (which makes her forget how much she hates her shin guards.)
Anyway - Saturday was their first game.
Livvy, Emma and teammate on the sidelines
Caleb and daddy eating fishy crackers
The weather was beautiful, but the wind was cold, so we wrapped Caleb up in my sweater and he snuggled with Cameron the whole game. The "Black Widows" (I did not get to vote on the name) did a great job! Gabe was great about rotating everybody around a lot and the kids had a ton of fun. (Now if we can just get Olivia to actually run instead of skip...)
And maybe next week one of the teams (hopefully ours) will score a goal.

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