Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gardening 101

Yesterday the weather was gorgeous and Cameron had the day off so we spent the morning in the front yard digging out our flower beds.

While Cameron and I pruned the plants, worked in the mulch and dug out those annoyingly strong blades of grass Caleb decided to be oh so helpful and shovel the dirt out of the beds and onto the sidewalk. Thanks Caleb! Then he used his squirt bottle to give all of the flowers a drink.

Check out those "helping" hands!!

In the evening we had a planting activity with the kids. I found these adorable little planters at Lowes - they came with dehydrated dirt pellets and grass seeds. You just add water and then poke in the seeds. The grass sprouts out of the top of the planters and then they can give their little animals hair-dos.

I also found these great little sesame street seed starting kits. Caleb planted cookie monster watermelon seeds and Olivia planted Abby Cadabby pumpkin seeds.

They LOVED adding water to the dehydrated dirt pellets and watching them expand, poking in the seeds and covering them over. Then they decorated the lids of their little greenhouses with stickers.

It was such a fun night! Now if we can just teach them the patience part of gardening...


Stacy said...

Who says you need to have patience?! It is over rated! What a fun activity though. If I had the time and patience I bet my kiddos would love it. But I don't, so I will send them to your house!

Maria said...

Hooray for Spring planting and getting your hands dirty- what family fun!

Trevlyn said...

What a great idea! Those are super cute!