Friday, February 19, 2010

Outta Here!

It's not been a great week here.
Piano lessons cancelled, primary meetings missed, disaster zone of a house, grumpy kids tired of television, the smell of icy hot permeating everything...
My back is giving me big time trouble and we're on day three of me dragging/crawling my way around the house to take care of the bare necessities and then lying flat on my back in agony while the kids veggitate in front of the television the rest of the time.
Today when Olivia got home from school and Caleb woke up from his nap (you should see the circus that is me trying to get him in and out of his crib) I called in reinforcements and my sister came to pick them up and take them back to my mom's for the rest of the day.
Can you tell they're tired of grumpy, boring mom and excited to escape?
"We're ready to go Aunt Annie! Get us outta here!"


Susan said...

so, what's wrong with your back? How did you hurt it?

BensonFam said...

herniated discs - I've had them for several years, they flare up every once in awhile, but this is the worst they've ever been.

Shelly and Ken said...

I'm so sorry that is really no fun. It is so hard when you have kids to take care of and you just can't physically do it. I'm glad your mom is nearby so she can help out a little. I hope you feel better soon.