Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Eggs 2009

My mom threw a little Easter party yesterday - complete with egg dying and cookie baking.
Oh the messes made and the sugar consumed! This is most of the crew - my little sister and slumber-party aunt extraordinaire Andy, Caleb (who after poking at the eggs for a moment just dove right in), my wonderful mommy-oh and Miss Olivia.

My mom is officially known as "The Library Grandma." She worked for years as an elementary school librarian and now works for the county library system - she is our source for fabulous children's books and is always coming home from work with some new treasure she's found. After egg dying, scrubbing up in the sink (several times...), lunch, cookie baking and some play time she wrapped up the party with a few stories.
Which my kids consumed as readily as they did the frosted cookies. Thank you mom!


Stacy said...

Yeah for Easter and grandmas!

Holly Sanders said...

you need to do a post on cool library books for kids. We are there all the time and sometimes I bring home awesome books and some not so awesome. I would love to hear a pro's opinion on great books for kids age 3-6.