Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Eight Things Tag


1) Post rules on your blog
2) Answer the six '8' items
3) Let each person know by leaving them a comment

::eight favorite television shows::

1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Brothers and Sisters
3. Frasier
4. Friends
5. Everybody Loves Raymond
6. Arthur (yes - the childrens show on PBS...)
7. Charlie and Lola (another kids show)
8. Toot and Puddle (what can I say - I like vegging with my kids)

::eight things i did yesterday::

1. Exercised
2. Homework with Olivia
3. Cleaned out the bathroom drawers
4. Ran up and down the stairs several times doing the laundry
5. Dropped Livvy at the bus and ran errands with Caleb
6. Made and rearranged various home teaching, doctor, eye and vet appointments
7. Read a few chapters of "Pride and Prejudice" (HALLELUJIAH that was nice!)
8. The whole dinner, bath, books and bed routine

::eight things i look forward to::

1. Springtime!!!
2. Caleb finally walking (I might regret this, but honestly the little chunk is killing my back)
3. Finishing the basement
4. Olivia in school full day (is that mean?)
5. Cameron having a weekend off
6. Being released as the ward organist
7. Paying off our student loans (HA!)
8. Being a better bike rider

::eight favorite restaurants::

1. Abuelos (Oh favorite Phoenix restaurant - how I miss you!)
2. McGraths Fish House
3. The Olive Garden
4. The Mikado
5. The Rice King (best Chinese take out EVER)
6. Red Robin
7. The Old Spaghetti Factory
8. Cafe Rio

::eight things on my wish-list::

1. Me minus forty pounds
2. Me, Cameron and the kids in Disneyland
3. A finished and fabulous craft room in my basement
4. That Olivia won't need glasses this year
5. Lasik
6. An extra hour (or a few...) of sleep each night
7. Someone to scrub and scour my house
8. More sleep and less stress for my hard working hubby

::eight people i tag::

1. Andrea M
2. Mary B
3. Ashley L
4. Stacy B
5. Holly O
and uhhh........

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brownfam said...

thank you for not tagging me:) You guys should go to disneyworld the last week of september. We decided to go there this year.