Friday, January 2, 2009

Best Buddies

This is my little dog Daisy. And my other little dog Caleb.
When she pants, so does he. When she trots around the house, he follows. And the other day when she was lying on the ground, belly up, wanting to be scratched... I kid you not, he crawled over, flopped over on his back and lay spread eagle, waiting to be scratched as well.
The rest of the family is loving the dog too. (Yes - I reluctantly admit I am enjoying the new addition to our family.) Olivia loves running around the backyard with her (even in the middle of a snowstorm - if the dog goes out, then so does she) and is very diligent about taking care of her.
Cameron is probably the happiest camper of all. This is what I find during his unwinding time after work each night.


Trevlyn said...

So adorable! And I LOVE Daisy's name!

Stacy said...

Very cute! But I think Cameron needs a new baby to cuddle with at night?!!


Anonymous said...

Haha. Oh my. I knew you'd cave and fall in love with Daisy! And gasp Emily! She's on the couch!
-Love Andy

April said...

Wyatt has had so much fun looking at this picture of Caleb!!!