Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas in a Nutshell

This is the only picture I am posting from Christmas - Livvy and The Caleb Man in their Christmas Eve jammies - because there are just far, far too many for me to sort through, and the thought of doing that right now makes me very tired. You will just have to use your imaginations while I write about all of the Benson Family holiday happenings.
We had an adventurous Christmas!! Mother Nature spread her holiday cheer and dumped several feet of snow on us in just two days, so not only was Christmas Eve driving a little nerve wracking, but we had to dig ourselves out of the driveway Christmas morning, and then dig ourselves back in later that night. (After the snowplows came by and in a fit of grinchiness pushed a mountain of snow up in front of our driveway...)
Other than the winter wonderland fiasco (and a small incident involving our only set of keys locked in the van...) we had a very relaxing holiday. It was the first week in several months that Cameron has had more than one day off in a row and that was honestly my favorite Christmas present. I've missed my sweet husband this last little while!
Good food, fun games, family time, everyone safe and warm and healthy and together - I just couldn't have asked for a nicer Christmas this year. I am just so grateful for my family, Cameron's family, and our own little family - we are so blessed!

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Emily Osborne said...

Hey Em!
I just happened upon your cute blog! Your family is darling:)
Emily Rogerson Osborne