Thursday, September 25, 2008


Last weekend we braved the five and half hour drive to Colorado to spend some time with our friends the Shnaydermans in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. It's a beautiful little town about forty minutes outside of both Vail and Aspen.
Our hotel was right along the Colorado River
Day 1: We rode the gondolas up the side of the mountain (Caleb was not a fan!) and toured the Glenwood Caverns

Olivia with her good friends Lexi and Rylee
Day 2: We went to the Glenwood Springs natural hot spring swimming pool. It was pretty nippy outside, but the water was great (90 degrees in the large pool and 104 degrees in the smaller pool) and the view was gorgeous.

Our day at the pools ended when it started to storm and we made a dash back to the hotel for a few hours
After a little down time we decided to drive to Vail and see the sights. The storm followed us there and made for the most beautiful drive!
Day 3: We drove up to Aspen and spent the afternoon shopping, sight seeing, playing on the playground and having pizza for lunch
Later that night we all went out for Chinese food and then swam in the hotel pool until bedtime. And then Monday morning we piled back in the car and drove the five and half hours home. Caleb did so great on our little trip - sleeping well and (despite a few meltdowns) doing really well in the car. Olivia had a blast with Lexi and it was so fun to see our friends. What a fun weekend!


Trevlyn said...

Looks and sounds HEAVENLY!!!

Nunes Family said...

How fun!! Are you guys ever coming back down to AZ?? Miss you guys tons.

the landreths said...

How great you got to see Alla and her family! I cannot believe how big Rylee and Lexi are--i haven't seen a picture of them since htey moved. And Caleb is so big, too! Those chubby cheeks--i just wanna pinch 'em!

aubrey said...

HOW FUN! I am l-o-v-i-n-g that hot spring!

Adam&Rachel said...

fun trip! It is pretty there, we drive through on our way to UT