Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!

Happy New Year everyone! Just thought I'd do a quick recap of the Benson family Christmas celebrations. As always our holidays were kind of whirlwind. Both of our families live close to each other so rather than doing every other year with each one, we opt for crazy driving back and forth trying to fit everyone's celebrations in.

First of all came the annual Christmas Eve pizza party at my Grandma Rollins' house. I have no idea how long this tradition has been happening, but I don't remember a Christmas Eve without it. A pizza party, lots of talking and catching up, sometimes games and movies, and then when it's late and time to go home comes the part that I love the most. My Grandparents have this old Perry Como record where he sings a bunch of Christmas songs and then intermingles telling the Christmas story. And every year we all squish into the front room (there is literally not walking space on the floor for all of the people we pile into that room), kindle up the fire, turn off the lights and listen to this recording. That is Christmas for me. That is the moment when I am really flooded with the Christmas spirit and can let everything else go and just enjoy celebrating the birth of the Savior and being with my amazing family. This year was different because my grandpa wasn't there in the rocking chair listening with us and that was hard for everyone to comprehend. There were a lot of tears as we listened to the story and sat together in the dark, but it was an experience that made me so grateful to have known him and have him in my life, and so grateful for the closeness that my family shares and the blessings of the Gospel.

Later that night, back at our own house, we did the whole stocking/cookie/reindeer treat shebang with Olivia. She was sooo stinking cute wanting to make sure everything was just perfect for Santa. We also had a "magic key" to leave on the front porch so that Santa could get in, giving that we don't have a chimney. It was fun the next morning to see the look on her face when she discovered the blueberry muffin, milk and carrots gone, and found a thank-you note from Santa telling her what a great help her key was. Olivia was very cute to "help" Caleb with his stocking and his presents and she was thrilled with hers. After the annual "installation of the batteries" (one of these years I'll get smart and not buy anything that requires batteries...) we got ready and headed over to the Bensons for Christmas brunch. I absolutely loved spending the day over there and seeing Livvy and Caleb get to be with all of their Utah cousins. We played bingo and made a gingerbread house and played Guitar Hero. (I have to admit - there is actually a video game out there that I enjoyed playing!)


Unknown said...

It is so funny that Caleb's stocking is as big as he is! haha

Stacy said...

What a fun holiday season! I still want to see pictures of our kids at our house?!

Holly Sanders said...

That whole Perry Como tradition sounds so neat--I almost got a little teary eyed reading it.

Bown Fam said...

She does have that Em and Cam Cheese doesn't she!