Thursday, January 3, 2008

10 Things I LOVE about Cameron

1. He's very calm. He mellows out my tendency to freak out. When I'm around him I'm better able to keep things in perspective. I'm better able to keep straight what's important and what is certainly not worth worrying about.
2. He makes me laugh. Random comments, facial expressions and most of all his laugh. I know of no one who can keep a straight face when Cameron is laughing. Including me.
3. He is an amazing dad. He does diapers, baths, bedtime stories and out of this world play time. Olivia is crazy about him and the look on Caleb's face when he looks up and sees his daddy makes my heart leap.
4. He encourages me. Whether it be a church assignment, a personal goal, something important to me or simply just getting out of the house before I go crazy he is behind me one-hundred percent.
5. He is fun! We can be doing the most normal, mediocre thing in the world (laundry for heaven's sake!) and I'll enjoy it thoroughly if Cameron is by my side. Plain and simple he is just a dang fun person to be around. He cheers me up and makes me smile.
6. He is thoughtful. I love that when he can tell I've had a rough day he will take the kids and steer me towards the bathtub, or just start unloading laundry or dishes (no begging from me required!)
7. He loves the outdoors. I have so many great memories of hikes and climbing and camping trips with Cameron. We're so different in a lot of our other interests, but this is one we have in common and will always enjoy together.
8. He gets along with my family. Life is stressful enough without having to referee between your spouse and your family. From day one Cameron has fit right in with my family - they love him to death and think he's great. (And I agree!)
9. He is the head of our family. I may be the bossy one, but Cameron is the quiet leader who sets the tone in our home and is such an amazing example to me and to our kids.
10. He loves me. Through words and actions he shows me every day that he loves me and considers our marriage to be a top priority. I hope that I do the same for him. Happy 6th Anniversary to the best man in the world. I love you Cameron!!


Susan said...

Happy Anniversary! What a lovely list you made for your hubby. I love anniversaries! Our 6th is coming up in a couple months! :)

Diane Owen said...

Ahhh! So sweet! Happy Anniversary guys. Hope you get to do something fun!

Stacy said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope that you guys get to spend some time together alone!