Friday, February 18, 2011

My Star Student

Olivia was VERY excited to be the Star Student in her classroom a few weeks ago. Perks of the Star Student job include being the special helper all week, decorating and presenting a poster about yourself, and filling the estimation jar with a treat of your choice.
Her list of favorites and things she loves
Olivia doesn't often get an entire blog post all to herself, so in honor of her "Star Student" status, here goes!
*She is a read-aholic. We have to record minutes for school and this kid averages around 1500 minutes a month.
*She is saving up her allowance to go to a full week of horse camp at the Girl Scout ranch this summer. (She is very excited about being big enough to stay a full week. Her mother on the other hand is kind of a nervous wreck about it...)
*She is in a theater group called "Up With Kids" and will get to perform in "Alice in Wonderland" in May. (Ladies and Gentlemen - presenting "Pillbox" a guest at the tea party with six whole lines!)
*Still hates layered clothing, all socks, most shoes and having her hair done (had to throw in a little reality with all of my mom bragging.)
*She is the most patient 7, almost 8, year old I have ever met. Caleb thinks he is The Boss of Everything and Olivia is great at handling his not-so-polite demands/commands/orders.
*She is amazingly helpful around the house. Her resume includes emptying the dishwasher, cleaning her bathroom, organizing the toy room and dusting (actual, really good, not miss a speck, dusting!)
*Livvy Loo Hoo we LOVE you!


Stacy said...

Yeah for Livvy! We sure do miss you guys! I am glad that she is such a great helper. and I would be a little nervous about her being gone a whole week too!

moble said...

Remember my experience at horse camp? I was pretty excited too. She will be fine. I was also in up with kids. Great program!

Maria said...

What a wonderful document of cute Livvy at 7!