Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ready, Set, Go!

I think I have another cyclist in the making.
Every time Cameron headed out for a ride this summer Caleb would ask to come along.
"Daddy I come with you on mine bike pleeeease?"
So last week they both put on their sunglasses, filled up their water bottles and headed off down the street.
There go my boys...


Unknown said...

that is so freakin cute :) haha

Adam&Rachel said...

so cute :) Kyler is in preschool M-th 10-12 with a lady here in town. He is loving it! Mmmm I am not too sure when we could get together, maybe later in Oct. My csection is sceduled for sept 28th! and maybe by the 2nd half of oct I would be doing better... I will have to keep in touch and let you know. I would love to see you again too!