Thursday, March 26, 2009

Out Like a Lion

Remember that old saying about March coming in like a lion and out like a lamb? Or in like a lamb and out like a lion? Remember how beautiful and springy it's been for the past week? (See last post about my garden helpers.) Well this morning instead of waking up in sunny Las Vegas like we have been planning on, I got to wake up to a good old January-ish winter blizzard. All courtesy of a pink collared dog named Bella who tried to eat our sweet little Daisy at the park last Saturday.
It's a long story - it involves screaming children, screaming Cameron, even screaming me a little, and Daisy's upper body locked in the chops of a big mean dog we ran into at the park. (Unleashed I might add - what are people thinking not leashing their dogs!?) It also involved an off hours trip to the animal emergency, shots, x-rays, a half-shaved doggy, pain meds and antibiotics and hot compress treatments for several days afterwards... and a lovely chunk of money. We noticed pulling into the parking lot of the emergency that the vet drove a brand spanking new mercedes and we got a little worried about what all this was about to cost. (We were right to worry by the way...)
Anyway - all of this doggy care and our vacation money now MIA meant our little Vegas jaunt with friends the Shnaydermans was down the tube. Sad, sad sad...... Daisy is healing quickly thank goodness and I continually thank the Lord that she seemed more appetizing to the dog than one of my kids. But we can't find the owners or the dog and I am a little distraught that A) she could do this again and maybe it won't turn out so well next time and B) I would like some reimbursement for that vet bill! (Is that terrible and vengeful of me to feel that way?)
So that's been the center ring in our circus this last week. All of our obligations (Cameron's work, visiting teaching appointments, my piano students) had all been rescheduled to the beginning of the week for our trip so Monday and Tuesday were a little crazy and now the second half of the week has been very relaxing - despite the yucky weather. We've been trying to make it up to Livvy by being very fun and busy - dollar movies, play dates, games at Chucky Cheese with cousin Wyatt, jellybeans at Gardner Village and hopefully today the zoo. With all of the fun family time and the housework being abandoned it's kind of been like a vacation only I get to sleep in my own bed!


aubrey said...

Poor little thing! You have every right to ask for reimbursement on that vet bill, dumb bully dog taking a bite out of your sweet little thing! Sorry about your vacations plans, that totally stinks :(

Adam&Rachel said...

oh man your poor doggy! what a frustrating situation! Yes I think they should foot the bill!!! I am so glad it wasn't your kids too. it is ridiculous that the dog wasn't on a leash. Sorry about your trip too :(

Holly Sanders said...

how sad! At least she looks cute in her little shirt!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! Poor little thing. I am glad she is doing getting better and that it wasn't one of your kids. I would have seriously kicked that stupid dog and followed it home to find its owners so THEY could pay for it. I cant belive people just let their dogs run loose like that. I am so sorry...that really stinks!

I have been MIA for a while and it is great catching up on your blog and seeing what you guys have been up to :)