Monday, January 21, 2008

Let it SNOW!!!

Well, Riverton has finally been included in a snow storm!! Woohooooo!! I know you'll probably think I'm crazy, but I figure that if it's going to be freezing cold outside it might as well be pretty to look at. And last night/this morning we got about ten inches of pretty to look at. It was somewhat bad timing because it was just the kids and me today and we had plans to be at my parents to go to a girl movie with the sisters (27 dresses - very cute by the way) and then celebrate my little brother's 18th birthday. The drive was nerve wracking, but we made it and had a great day and all I have to say is three cheers for snow!! P.s. for those of you with kids who live in a snowy place here is a great activity. Take empty squirt bottles and put them on the "stream" setting, or get the little 1$ squeeze bottles in the samples aisle of the health and beauty section in Target. Fill them with water and a drop of food coloring, bundle your kids up and send them out to be artistic in the snow. I remember doing it as a kid and Olivia has an absolute blast. I don't have pictures at the moment to post, but she and her Grandpa and uncle Matt had a great time in the snow this afternoon, painting up a storm.

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