Monday, September 29, 2014

One Year Photo Shoot

I've missed blogging! And now that we have a good, working computer again I am ready to dive back in. (But not from where I left off because that would be overwhelming - a feeling I am not a fan of.) One of these days I'll get to work on Noah's baby book and perhaps post a few pages from that, but for now I'll pick up where that will leave off... at my little man's FIRST BIRTHDAY!  It was only six months ago, but it feels like a lifetime and in just this short few months he has grown way too much.  I can't believe these pictures!  I'm trying to whittle down to just a few favorites, but that is turning out to be impossible, so here are a bunch of my sweet, funny, little man.

And now for the highlight of the photo shoot. Because Noah's birthday is right around Easter time I thought it would be cute to have a few shots of him wearing his fuzzy bunny ears (thank you Target dollar aisle) that he fell in love with on our last trip to the store. I mentioned this to the photographer and she started laughing and was delighted to inform me that the studio actually had a live rabbit upstairs to use in photo shoots this time of year. Of course I got all excited and immediately began envisioning all of the sweet photos I would have of Noah happily snuggling up with a real live bunny. Well... here is what we got instead!

Crocodile tears
And finally relief after his narrow escape from the terrifying rabbit I put in his path!


Kara and Chant said...

Those are adorable! He's so cute! I remember the bunny story. SO fun to see the pictures that go with it. Miss you guys tons!

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